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In Blankenheim the medieval townscape is almost completely preserved. In the historic town center, visitors can admire the Ahr spring, old town gates, a late Gothic parish church and historic half-timbered buildings in romantic corners and alleys. The Grafenburg with its medieval water supply to the castle complex, the so-called Tiergartentunnel, is a historical testimony of a special kind!

The reconstruction of the Roman villa of Blankenheim gives an insight into one of the more than 2000 years old testimonies of Roman settlement in the Eifel region. It gives an impression of the everyday Roman life of that time.

An absolute highlight is the unique, traditional ghost parade taking place on Carnival Saturday, which is even announced by radio and television.

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53945 Blankenheim
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© Dominik-Ketz

© Dominik-Ketz


The romantic Ahr valley located nearby with its special scenic attractions and picturesque villages is a wine region with world-famous and excellent red wines.

Especially during the wine festivals from August to October, an excursion to the wineries in the Ahr valley is a must for wine lovers.

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler inspires by its cultural diversity and the many architectural testimonies from long past epochs.

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© Bad Münstereifel

© Bad Münstereifel

Bad Münstereifel

Bad Münstereifel is a historic, medieval small town whose town walls are still completely preserved. The narrow alleys with the beautiful half-timbered houses invite you to stroll.

At the same time, the city is home to a unique City Outlet in the historic Old Town with well-known brands and a wide range of restaurants.

Städtische Kurverwaltung / Tourist-Information
Kölner Straße 13 (Bahnhof)
53902 Bad Münstereifel
Tel. +49 (0)2253-542244


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© Monschau

© Heike-Becker


The small town of Monschau is one of the most popular holiday and excursion destinations in the Eifel. The picturesque little town on the Rur is known for its vivid atmosphere in old walls, a medieval townscape with idyllic half-timbered houses, narrow alleys and cobblestones.

Monschau Castle with its towers rises above the town and, next to the Red House, is one of the most famous historical buildings in Monschau.

Not far from the city is the Eifel National Park with numerous hiking trails.

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52156 Monschau
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